About us

Nathan Jansen, Founder and Managing Director of AYDOW, is the father of Ayden and Owen, two sons who inspired the brand and company name.

Nathan Jansen has always followed his dreams. He is driven by his passion for experiences and functionality, which he brings together in AYDOW’s mission statement: Driving passenger experience.

Bring functional solutions and interior design together to support the cruise ship industry, driving the on-board experience of guests to new highs and making exceeding expectations a new standard.

After travelling the world, learning about new cultures and enjoying the beauty our planet has to offer, Nathan spent more than a decade working in different roles to bring purposeful interior solutions to the hospitality, commercial aviation and cruise industry.

This background, combined with the opportunity to represent some of the leading brands to the global cruise, river cruise and ferry industries, established AYDOW.

Our promises


An inspiring environment is often the base for crafting a unique experience. The AYDOW brands and product lines all contribute to a creative and inspiring interior, enabling your guests to enjoy their stay as much as possible.


Functional purpose, next to creative beauty, is the main characteristic that all AYDOW brands and products will bring to your interior. Simply to make the stay of your guests on board – as well as the maintenance of the operation – as pleasant as can be.


We understand the safety of your staff and guests is of the upmost importance. All the products we represent are in compliance with IMO requirements if and where they are applicable.


AYDOW is built on partnerships. We maintain long-lasting business relationships with suppliers and customers based on honesty, equality and transparency to create common ground. As partners, we won’t let you down.


Preserving our planet’s unique places for the current and future generations to enjoy is key at AYDOW. All our brands share this belief and work in a sustainable way, where and when they can.

Brands and products

We carefully select companies that truly put their customers’ needs at the center of what they do and how they work. All offer cruise ship enhancing product lines that support creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for passengers on board.

News and Inspiration

Join AYDOW and partners at CSIE December 2 and 3

AYDOW and its partners will be at the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo (CSIE) at the London Excel on December 2 and 3. We will showcase to brands that provide your guests and staff a safe and healthy environment to enjoy their vacation and work in. Indoor air quality purification by Genano. Carpet life cleaning and...
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Genano, clean air from Finland providing a safe and healthy indoor environment on board cruise ships

AYDOW has signed an exclusivity contract with Genano from Finland to bring the most effective indoor air purification system to the global cruise industry. The unique and patented technology is built on the following pillars. Combination of Non Thermal-Plasma and corona discharge phenomena. Captures particles down to 3 nanometers (0,003 micron). Eliminates all living organisms...
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Discover function and fashion in furniture with Satelliet Meubelen

Satelliet Meubelen specializes in the design and production of bespoke hospitality furniture for the cruise and river cruise industry. See how stylish design, durable quality, comfort and a welcoming feeling can be created with furniture.    
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