Genano, clean air from Finland providing a safe and healthy indoor environment on board cruise ships

AYDOW has signed an exclusivity contract with Genano from Finland to bring the most effective indoor air purification system to the global cruise industry.

The unique and patented technology is built on the following pillars.

  1. Combination of Non Thermal-Plasma and corona discharge phenomena.
  2. Captures particles down to 3 nanometers (0,003 micron).
  3. Eliminates all living organisms including viruses, bacteria and mold.
  4. Reduces gasses, VOC and Ozon (carbon filter).

This technology is available as plugin and go solution for indoor area’s from 100 m3 till 5.000 m3 as well as fully integrated solution on the on board HVAC installation.

Please visit to learn more about how this clean air from Finland works and reach out to AYDOW for a teams, skype or zoom meeting to share all details with you.