Providing solutions to the most challenging air purification needs  both indoors and outdoors to protect people, processes and the environment by producing clean air.



A unique, patented cold-plasma technology based on powerful electronic filterless air purification. The main benefit of this technology is the constant air flow, that does not get disrupted because of clogged filters. The performance of Genano technology stays constantly high. No use of any filtration media, or substrates for microbes to grow. Genano’s technology eliminates all living microbes; such as viruses and bacteria.

Another remarkable benefit is the ability to remove airborne impurities of all sizes – down to nanometer size. It is not only the matter of how many percentages of all particles the purification technology filters, but the importance is also the size of the particles the system collects. The ultra-small particles are the most dangerous ones, penetrating our blood circulation through lungs. Genano creates healthier environments in several business areas, and is now offering this to the global cruise industry.